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Dear Friend,

Please give a critical $25, $50, $100 or more IMMEDIATELY to fully fund my two crucial, class action lawsuits and other hard-hitting legal actions to GET JUSTICE FOR ALL JANUARY 6 PROTESTERS AND SET THEM FREE.

His name is John D. Andries...and he was a crew chief in the elite, highly selective U.S. Marine aviation squadron for Marine One, the helicopter used by U.S. Presidents.

You've seen Marine One on TV countless times, I'm sure.

If you saw Marine One picking up or dropping off President George W. Bush, you may have seen John hard at work.

But John, now an honorably discharged and disabled U.S. Marine, is going to federal prison for one year.

Did John attack the U.S. Capitol Police on January 6, 2021? No.

Did he lash out violently or endanger anyone? No.

Did he break or destroy anything? No.

Even liberal CNN admits he wasn't charged with any violent crimes!

John entered the Capitol Building through a window broken by someone else. He walked into the Capitol Building and into the chamber of the House of Representatives...that's it.

His alleged crime is called "obstruction of an official proceeding."

But as you recall, Antifa members rioted and committed violent assaults...Black Lives Matter members rioted, burned buildings to the ground, and terrorized whole cities...but they didn't even get arrested!

It sickens me that an honorable man like John Andries, who also suffers from multiple sclerosis, is doing hard time.

John could get beaten, extorted, abused, and even killed behind bars.


As a supporter of Freedom Watch, you know I'm fighting back for all January 6 Peaceful Protesters through two class action lawsuits and other hard-hitting legal actions.

The lawsuits alone are so costly in time and money.

But I know you believe in what Freedom Watch is doing.

And no other group in America is doing what we are doing for all the January 6 Peaceful Protesters.

Please help me fight for John and ALL the other peaceful protesters on January 6. They're being abused, tortured, and trampled on by a brutal, politicized legal system. Please give $25, $50, $100, or more right away.

Thank you!


Larry Klayman
Founder, Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch
Chairman and General Counsel, Freedom Watch, Inc.

P.S. You and I know deranged Joe Biden and his out-of-control FBI and DOJ are committing terrible crimes against the January 6 Peaceful Protesters. But you can help me fight back for them peacefully and legally with your best gift now of $25, $50, $100, or more.

They're counting on you and me. Please give what you can now!

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