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Dear Friend,

Please give a crucial $25, $50, $100, $250, or more IMMEDIATELY to fully fund my two critical, class action lawsuits and other hard-hitting legal actions to FREE ALL JANUARY 6 PROTESTERS and GET THEM JUSTICE.

The lawless January 6 Congressional Committee is trying to conceal its crimes against the Constitution and the American people.

Yahoo News reports:

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) already named the House Committee on House Administration the custodian of the records. Under current House rules, the committee is obligated to hand over the official records to the House clerk, who transmits them to the National Archives. The rules also prevent the National Archives from releasing committee records for at least 30 years. Sensitive records, such as those from a major investigation, can be held up to 50 years before being made public."

Yes, you read that right — the J6 Kangaroo Court is trying to cover up crucial information that affects you and me, our families, and our fellow Americans, for 30 to 50 YEARS!

They want to bury:
  • Videos from police body cameras,

  • Videos from on-site security cameras,

  • Videos from countless smart phones,

  • Emails and texts from federal agencies and law enforcement,

  • and so much more.

Because they know that the patriots who protested that day outside the U.S. Capitol building were peaceful.

They know that the U.S. Capitol Police were warned that Black Lives Matter terrorists would disguise themselves as Trump supporters and cause trouble.

They know that undercover police and federal agents were in the crowd and may have even provoked attacks on police and the Capitol building.

They know their narrative that patriots took part in a bloody insurrection to overthrow the government is a lie.

So they're trying to bury that evidence until everyone they've falsely accused, ruined, browbeat...and everyone who pushed the lying Biden narrative...has died from old age.

This is an outrageous attack on our Constitution, our rights, and our freedoms, especially in light of the two years of abuse, torture, and injustice January 6 peaceful protesters have endured.

That's why I ask you to stand with me before it's too late.

PLEASE help me double down in my fight to GET JUSTICE FOR ALL JANUARY 6 PROTESTERS AND SET THEM FREE with your absolutely vital gift of $25, $50, $100 or even more RIGHT NOW.

I'm using two powerful, class action lawsuits and other hard-hitting legal actions to do this.

You and I can save our country if we act peacefully and legally NOW.

Please give what you can right away.


Larry Klayman
Founder and General Counsel,
Freedom Watch

P.S. It's been two years since the fake insurrection on January 6...and the real reign of terror launched by Biden and his lawless FBI and DOJ on Trump supporters and peaceful protesters.

Please help me fight for them in court with your best gift of $25, $50, $100, or more right away.

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