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Dear Friend,

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has called for three days of fasting and prayer for the January 6 peaceful protesters, from January 3rd through January 5th.

The archbishop is former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, and a fierce critic of Joe Biden and his criminal regime.

He's also a staunch opponent of anti-freedom globalists Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and their cronies at the World Economic Forum.

As reported to Human Events and Gateway Pundit, Archbishop Vigano said:

"I can only encourage and bless this commendable gesture of penance, to be accompanied by prayer — above all the Holy Rosary — for the beloved Nation which I had the privilege of knowing during my office as Apostolic Nuncio."

Archbishop Vigano knows the January 6 peaceful protesters are being brutally abused and cruelly persecuted by Joe Biden and his lawless Department of Justice.

You and I know it, too.

So, let's fast and pray for the January 6 peaceful protesters from January 3rd through January 5th ... and then help me fight for them in court, peacefully and lawfully, until they're FREE!


Larry Klayman
Founder, Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch
Chairman and General Counsel, Freedom Watch, Inc.

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