Litigation to Ensue in Unbiased Courts
(August 10, 2022, San Jose, California). Yesterday's ruling by Judge Beth Labson Freeman in the antitrust suit filed by LIV Golf in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, denying a motion for temporary restraining order for three suspended LIV golfers who are also current members of the PGA Tour -- other LIV Golf players were forced to resign their membership under threat, and were thus constructively terminated by the PGA Tour -- were not allowed to compete in the FedEx Cup playoffs. The actions of the PGA Tour in banning these LIV players, who had earned the right to compete in the FedEx Cup, regrettably came as no surprise considering the other alleged extreme anti-competitive behavior of the PGA Tour since LIV Golf was conceived of.

Larry Klayman, Esq., who has filed a consumer class action antitrust suit in Palm Beach Florida, which case is moving forward (Klayman v. PGA Tour et. al 50-2022-CA-006587, 15th Jud. Cir., Palm Beach County) and is now seeking a plethora of relevant documents from the PGA Tour and its Commissioner Jay Monahan, was in the courtroom today and observed the inherent bias of Judge Beth Labson Freeman before the hearing had even begun. This bias was exhibited in her opening remarks before any legal argument was even put forth. At times she even openly grimaced at LIV Golf's legal counsel, while frequently smiling at the legal counsel for the PGA Tour.

Judge Labson Freeman, an Obama appointee, appears to have reacted to the vicious constant drumbeat of defamatory smears against LIV Golf's players, published by the PGA Tour and in particular its alleged co-conspirator, NBC's Golf Channel -- which not coincidentally has huge broadcasting contracts with the PGA Tour. LIV Golf players have been defamed with attacks that they have been taking "blood money" from 9/11 terrorists --- meaning the Saudis. Outrageously, the Commissioner of the PGA Tour, Jay Monahan, will not refer to LIV Golf by name, but instead maliciously brands the new league as "the Saudi League."

Moreover, Judge Freeman may also have been influenced by the endorsement of President Donald Trump of LIV Golf, and his involvement with regard to two of LIV Golf's tournaments being held this year at Trump National Golf Clubs in Bedminster, New Jersey and Doral Florida.

This case, inexplicably filed in the most left leaning and anti-Trump court in the nation, being administered to by an Obama appointed judge, perhaps foretold that the handwriting was thus on the wall with regard to Judge Labson Freeman's denial of the temporary restraining order.

Klayman has this to say in light of non-stop boasting and further disparagement of LIV Golf and its players by the PGA Tour and its anti-competitive partner at NBC's Golf Channel, following Judge Labson Freeman's ruling:

"The egregious antitrust violations of the PGA Tour and its leadership, and its co-conspirators, will be litigated before other courts. This is only the beginning. LIV Golf and its players have a right to a fair and just legal proceeding.

"It is evident that in the court of Judge Labson Freeman, unbiased adjudication now appears highly unlikely, and would simply be a colossal waste of time and money. Neutral and unbiased jurists and courts will thus now be petitioned for redress to put an end to the alleged anti-competitive and highly damaging actions of the PGA Tour and its alleged co-conspirators, including not just NBC's Golf Channel, but also the DP World Tour."

Stay Tuned: This is Only the Beginning!

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