What happens when you implant a corrupt, brain-dead, senile leftist into office? I'll tell you. Skyrocketing inflation, the highest in decades. Historic doubling of gas prices to the HIGHEST IN HISTORY, nearing $10 a gallon out West and exceeding $5 everywhere else. And that's not to mention a crashing stock market, high interest rates, soaring food shortages and prices, including the lack of baby formula. Seems like Biden is bent on killing children, both before and after birth, which is a disgrace and a broken moral for a professed Catholic who also condones teaching transsexual, transgender and homosexual conduct to kids.

Braindead Biden and his LEFT-WING REGIME has always been a disastrous failure and a total disgrace, whether it was in the Senate or under the equally criminal Obama Regime.

Biden's corruption has gone on LONG ENOUGH! He sought office in the first place to benefit himself and his family with more influence peddling and bribery from foreign countries like Communist China, Russia, and Ukraine before President Zelensky came into office! Why give him ample time to continue his corruption as PRESIDENT? We're acting to remove him from office, peacefully and legally. Help us fight and succeed!


Whether it's thousands of foreign dollars to serve on an Energy Board, or for arts and crafts he calls paintings that he sold while he smoked crack, Hunter Biden has used his father's influence to make money and get ahead. Then he launders the monies into the "Big Guy's" and family accounts. Those days are OVER!

Biden also has blood on his hands in Afghanistan — having abandoned thousands of Americans and causing, through his criminal negligence, the death of 13 brave GIs at Kabul Airport and then murdering10 Afghan allies with 7 of their young children in a drone strike! The time for action is now! Freedom Watch is fighting back. We are taking the Biden Administration to court for their crimes, their failures in leadership, their violations of our civil liberties, and their destructive assaults upon our sacred Constitution. On July 7, 2022, we are prosecuting Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother James for their bribery scam! Once we get convictions, we intend to ask law enforcement and the military to carry out the sentences — and we will be asking for life sentences.

If that is not enough, Biden turned my once proud alma mater, the Department of Justice and its FBI, into a Nazi-like Gestapo to squash all dissent to their total takeover, training their sights not just on January 6, 2021 peaceful protesters, but also on parents at school board meetings, among many other victims of his Third Reich dictatorial tactics!

We WILL do what the Justice Department failed to do. We will bring Biden Crime Family to justice! DONATE NOW!

As the founder of both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, I know how to take on a corrupt government and BEAT THEM! I've been doing it for THREE DECADES! I've been fighting and winning for We the People for decades — and I won't lose now! Like we always say, Never fear, Freedom Watch is here!

And we can do that peacefully and in the courts with relentless, unyielding litigation, citizens grand juries and trials. We will hold these power-grabbing, America-hating Leftists accountable for the political hack criminals they really are!

Biden is TO BLAME for the rampant crime by defunding and disrespecting law enforcement, such that hordes of valiant police have quit and the American people are left defenseless. Rampant crime further destabilizes the nation and creates a means for the Gestapo Biden regime to take total control even more aggressively. Biden and his leftist allies also turn a blind eye when law enforcement is shot at, stabbed, wounded and killed, but feign outrage when perpetrators are harmed, especially if they are black or another minority.

Joe Biden will be tried for negligent homicide in Afghanistan! Anthony Fauci will be tried for his illegal collaboration with the CCP and lying to Congress about it, which caused millions of Covid related deaths and serious illnesses.

WE ARE STANDING UP FOR YOU AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! This nation cannot survive much longer with these criminals running the show in Washington, DC and around the country! White House, Congress, and federal judges alike will all be held accountable.

All the while that our beloved nation is being destroyed, the Republican establishment just sits back watching, smiling on Fox News that they will win the mid-term elections this fall. But even if this happens, the nation cannot survive another two years with Biden in office. It will all be over and the country totally destroyed by the 2024 presidential elections!

But that requires a war chest and funds are dwindling! Would you contribute $25, $50, $75 NOW?

The supply chain crisis has burdened our fundraising and I'm relying on you to donate through this email and help us move forward with our cases.

Will you make an emergency donation today?

Any amount helps, but if you can donate $75 or more today, I'll send you a copy of my newest book, It Takes a Counter-Revolution: Wake Up America, which provides a hard-hitting road map to defeating Biden and the Marxist Left, which has taken total control over our lives and will tolerate no, repeat no, dissent!

And help us protect and preserve the vision and creation of our Founding Fathers for you, your children, grandchildren and future generations of true Americans!

With Respect and Gratitude,

Larry Klayman
Founder of both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch
Current Chairman and General Counsel of Freedom Watch, Inc.

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