Your country needs you, my friend and patriot!

You know me not only as the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, but also the only lawyer ever to have had a court rule that the president of the United States committed a crime.

Of course, this occurred during the reign of terror caused by Bill "Slick Willy" and his criminally minded sidekick, Hillary Clinton — the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics!

Now, several years later, believe it or not, the American people are being forced to endure another so called president, far worse than even Bill Clinton.

His name is Joseph Robinette Biden, and he is not just a criminal, but also a braindead stupid one at that.

Biden's continued existence in the hallowed ground of the White House and as our so called commander in chief, is a real and imminent threat to the present and future lives of you and your loved ones.

Indeed, he is so dishonest and stupid that he had to withdraw as a candidate from other prior attempts to become president, when he was caught plagiarizing the works and speeches of others.

Also, how can we forget that as the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden was the point man for defaming and smearing Justice Clarence Thomas over a phony charge from a paid off woman named Anita Hill that he had sexually harassed her.

This almost denied the only true conservative a seat on the Supreme Court.

While claiming to be a racial uniter, he has routinely smeared blacks and other minorities as inferior throughout his miserable political career.

I can go and on about the rank corruption and dishonesty of Joe Biden and his accomplices, such as his son Hunter and his dishonest wife Jill, who lied to the American people by hiding the mental and physical health of her husband in the 2020 presidential elections.

By so doing, she jeopardized the well-being of the nation to suit her own selfish desire to become First Lady. She and Hunter are indeed just as disgusting, compromised and criminally minded as Joe Biden himself.

And, what is the consequence of having a corrupt braindead moron, with his criminal son Hunter, and his equally dishonest wife, in charge of our nation.

First, in just over one year since he took office he has virtually destroyed the vision and creation of our Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776, in my native city of Philadelphia when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

Getting down on his fragile knees and literally bending over to the Left and its degenerate homosexual, transgender other socialist, communist, atheist and radical agendas, Biden has not only used Covid as a pretext to institute a dictatorship, but also sent our economy into a tailspin, promoted violent crime, opened our borders to drug traffickers, human traffickers, Muslim terrorists, and others who want to destroy us, but also turned my once proud alma mater, the Department of Justice and the FBI, into a Gestapo to quell all dissent to the total leftist takeover.

On top of this, Biden has furthered the trashing of our Judeo Christian heritage by backing leftist teachers who push sexual perversion on our children at school, disrespected law enforcement to foment rampant crime, and continued the Obama tradition of stoking race wars, needlessly dividing our nation.

And, as the so called commander in chief, he has all but destroyed our military, trashing its service in Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of thirteen servicemen, our brave heroes, at Kabul airport.

And then, to pretend he is tough for political consumption, ordered a drone strike that resulted in the predictable murder of ten of our Afghan allies, including seven of their young children.

Biden also abandoned thousands of American citizens and our Afghan allies, allowing the Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda to work their terror upon them, and, God forbid, soon on our homeland.

For this, Biden, thanks to a complaint which I filed with the International Criminal Court, is now under investigation for crimes against humanity. See

Let's be totally blunt.

Joe Biden and his band of criminals, in his family and his administration, are an even bigger threat than Putin, Russia, Communist China, and North Korea to our continued existence.

He is the worst and most corrupt president in American history, PERIOD.

Given all of this, one would think that the Republican Party would do more than talk to find a pretext to have him removed from the presidency, along with his equally stupid and corrupt cackling witch of a Vice President Kamala Harris.

But rather than taking strong action, establishment Republicans, with few exceptions such as Governor DeSantis of my home state of Florida, have rolled over as usual, simply going on Fox News, smiling and "pleased as punch" at the failing state of the nation, thinking that this will help them raise more money and gain power back in the midterm elections.

But one has to ask what have the establishment Republicans done to protect us from the Left when they had complete control of Congress and even the presidency in the last several decades since President Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of my lifetime?

Answer: Little to nothing!

They reneged on their promise to abolish Obamacare, would not balance the budget, and failed to give us a warning of what would later occur in Afghanistan and Ukraine under Biden.

That's just to name a few of their sellouts.

Put simply, they are money and power hungry worthless frauds, who serve themselves and not the American people.

So even if they regain control of the House of Representatives and/or the Senate this fall, do not expect anything, particularly since so called President Biden holds a veto power over them for the next three years.

The bottom line is this...

We true Americans cannot endure another 3 years of Biden.

And since it would take a two-thirds vote in the Senate to remove him from office even if impeached in the House, don't count on that!

Enter your Freedom Watch, who has already indicted Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother James before our citizens grand juries!


Just like our Founding Fathers and the colonies did, Freedom Watch has taken back our legal system, with the authority of what Justice Antonin Scalia ruled for the majority in the landmark case United States vs. Williams in 1992.

Freedom Watch's Citizen Grand Juries and trials are the key to removing Biden from office, convicting him, and then sentencing him to life behind bars! Will you help save America by joining our fight right now?

There this greatest of justices — and his likes do not exist today on the High Court — ruled that the grand jury belongs to the American people and not the three branches of government.

By extension, so too does the right to try and convict Biden, then to have him sentenced and sent to prison for the rest of his miserable life!

Strengthening this is our Declaration of Independence which gives us the absolute right under the laws of nature and Nature's God, to take action into our own legal hands.

Indeed, this is just what law enforcement heroes like Marshall Wyatt Earp did in the old west, before there was a Justice Department.

In Justice Scalia's opinion, written for the whole Court, he recognized that the power of the people is in addition to the Justice Department. Thus, we are empowered to act on our own to indict, try, convict and sentence Biden.

And this we are in the process of doing.

In the next weeks, we will try Biden, his son Hunter and brother James before a citizens' court, with a judge and jury.

We have given them notice of the charges in their indictments, allowed them to plead guilty, not guilty or nolo contendre and they are free to come to the trial and defend themselves.

If Biden, his son Hunter and his brother James do not show up, as the citizens prosecutor we will try them in absentia.

Once we get the convictions, which I am sure we will, the evidence being so overwhelming of their guilt, I will seek a sentence of life imprisonment.

As I have written in my new book, 'IT TAKES A COUNTER-REVOLUTION: WAKE UP AMERICA!", which I will send to you free of charge with my signature for a tax deductible contribution of $75.00 or more, We the People have a right to undertake citizens' arrests, as the law in 48 states allows this.

In this regard, I will ask law enforcement and the military to carry out the sentence.

They have had it with this criminal in chief!

With an on-going domestic crisis, with the Left having seized total control over our lives, a worthless Republican Party, and international wars with Putin's Hitleresque Holocaust in Ukraine — which will spread as it did in World War II -- and the imminent threats of nuclear attacks from Iran and North Korea, WE THE PEOPLE MUST LEGALLY REMOVE BIDEN NOW BEFORE HE NOT ONLY DESTROYS US DOMESTICALLY, BUT ALSO GETS US ALL KILLED BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND THE LIKES OF PUTIN, THE COMMUNIST CHINESE, THE ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN AND NORTH KOREA'S DICTATOR!



If you'll join our fight to put Biden behind bars today by sending your generous gift of $75 or more, I'll send you my newest book free!

That's why I'm counting on you, a fellow patriot and friend, to send your most generous gift ever!

Since time is of the essence, will you send a contribution to help make sure Freedom Watch can legally remove Biden from office?

Any amount would be a huge blessing as we prepare to "try and fry" Biden, and his equally criminally-minded son, Hunter.

Our efforts to remove Biden and defeat the Left is expensive.

Very expensive.

The criminal trial of Biden, his son Hunter and brother James alone will cost well over $100,000.00 dollars from start to finish,

And that is in addition to all of our other hard hitting legal actions to take our nation back from the brink of extinction!

Legal actions like how your Freedom Watch is bringing hard hitting lawsuits against the Chicoms for the damage they have caused with what was obviously a COVID-19 bioweapon released from a military bioweapon lab in Wuhan, China.

And, we have a class action lawsuit against OPEC for monopolization of oil supplies contributing to the high gas prices caused by Biden and his leftist allies.

Further, I have filed still more class actions for the peaceful protesters of January 6, 2021, who have been imprisoned by Biden's Gestapo of an FBI, put before hack federal judges and imprisoned without due process as they await trial.

But Freedom Watch can't fight this battle without support from friends like you.

So please...will you send your most generous gift ever right now?

As I told you before, YOU AND I DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT!

Corrupt and compromised judges won't save us.

RINOS in Congress won't save us.

And President Trump will likely be indicted if and when he even announces again.


America needs saving now!

And that's what Freedom Watch is fighting to do.

Now, in the words of Thomas Paine in the time leading up to our first revolution, is not the time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.

Now is the time to legally fight back to save our country.

So please...will you join me — "America's Toughest Lawyer" — as I lead the charge to save America and put Biden behind bars?


Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

Larry Klayman, Esq.
Founder of both Judicial Watch and
Current Chairman of Freedom Watch

P.S. — I want to be very clear:

IF YOU AND I SIT BACK ON THE COUCH WHILE WATCHING REPUBLICANS SMILE ON FOXNEWS, AMERICA WILL CONTINUE TO BURN! Now is NOT the time to hope that the Republican Party — or another political messiah like Trump — will save us, as we cannot survive another 3 years of Biden in office. Now is the time to legally fight back to save this great country!

That's exactly what your Freedom Watch is doing right now as we prepare to try, convict, and place Biden behind bars!

But we simply can't do this without your continued, most generous support right now.

Please...donate as much as you can and think about what kind of America you want to leave for your kids and grandkids. Even more critical, remember that if you and I don't ACT NOW, there likely won't be an America left to fight for. Freedom Watch is leading the charge to save America. Now I just need patriots like you to enlist and join us! You can do that right now by sending your most generous gift ever. Thank you, my fellow patriot.

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