Klayman: SCOTUS Rubber Stamping Leftist Dictatorship!
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By Tierney Sneed
December 29, 2021
(CNN)A Supreme Court that has declined to block several types of vaccine mandates is now considering whether to allow the Biden administration to require millions of Americans to get Covid-19 vaccines.

While the court has been tolerant so far of vaccine mandates that have come before it -- refusing to halt requirements imposed by local and state entities -- those implemented by the federal government pose new legal questions that could draw hostility from the conservative majority.

How the 6-3 Supreme Court resolves those cases could have implications for the executive branch's power to act unilaterally not just on Covid-19. Depending on how the court rules, agencies could be hamstring in any situation where they're implementing regulations that address changing circumstances without waiting for the slow-moving process of congressional lawmaking.

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