Klayman: DC Fed. Judges Forcing "Confessions" Taking Page From Iranian and North Korean "Judges!"
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By Sarah Layden
November 20, 2021
Were you caught up in the moment of attempting to overthrow a democracy? Do you now feel, with cause, that you made a really bad choice? Are family members, friends and bosses still justifiably angry? You are not alone. If you wish people would forget about when you scaled the walls of the United States Capitol, that's a tough ask. But if you could rappel back to Earth for a minute and apologize? They might forgive you. Bring a gift. Or three.

Luckily, there's an app for that. Regretsy provides a marketplace of apology wares for those you've alienated by attempting a coup. From artwork to technology, it's never been easier to say "I'm exceedingly remorseful." Flowers

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