Klayman: Leftist LA Times Dismisses Fellow Leftist Violence of BLM, Antifa, Blacks, Muslims, Atheists, socialists, "Jewish Marxists," Communists and Other Leftist Radicals: Comrades in Arms!
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Los Angeles Times
August 22, 2021
The anti-vaccination demonstrators, Proud Boys and black-clad counter-protesters bobbed around in the street outside Los Angeles police headquarters on Saturday afternoon as if it were a boxing ring, talking trash and raising their fists to fight.

Within seconds a brawl erupted, with people pulling out weapons and throwing punches. By the time LAPD officers in riot gear separated the two sides, several people had been injured and two stabbed — an anti-vaccination activist who suffered a lacerated heart and punctured lung, and a counter-protester whose protective gear likely shielded him from more serious wounds, witnesses say.

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