Biden-Harris and Their Fourth Reich!
"American Societal Whores" Throw Their Lot in With the Left!
By Larry Klayman
April 5, 2021
In the days, months and years leading up to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, also called the Third Reich, all aspects of German society eventually threw their lot in with the eventual Fuehrer. Even German Jews, believing naively that they were part of the Teutonic hierarchy in the sciences, the arts, medicine, law, business and elsewhere, initially had little objection to Hitler and his comrades in the National Socialist Party. They like the rest of the world, however, later learned the hard truth when millions of them were murdered in gas chambers and ovens.

Most influential and powerful in Hitler's rise to power was German industry: the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Leitz, and Deutche Bank (which financed the construction and operation of the Third Reich's concentration camps) and hosts of other wealthy industrialists. More than any other aspect of German society, and they all virtually threw their lot in with the Nazis, they were the ones responsible for allowing Hitler to seize control and maintain that control until 1945, but only after a multitude of millions were killed worldwide, the six million Jews, gypsies and mentally infirm as just one aspect of the Holocaust. The Soviet Union itself lost over 26 million people to Hitler and his Third Reich.

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