Meet the Fake Lawyer Who Goes to War for Anti-Mask Restaurants
By Kelly Weill
The Daily Beast
March 29, 2021
Rick Martin presented a formidable résumé. "Lawyer Rick Martin 'The Judge Slayer,'" a biography on his website read. Billing himself as the head of the "Constitutional Law Group," (CLG), Martin advertised his legal services for businesses that defied anti-COVID-19 measures.

"I have put three District Judges, two District Attorneys, and countless law enforcement officers behind prison walls," he wrote. "We the People need to come together and take back our country from these unlawful criminals."

But it was Martin and one of his clients who went to jail this month. And while his client, a Michigan pizzeria proprietor, is believed to be the first restaurant owner in the state to be arrested over COVID-19 restrictions, the bust was far from Martin's first time behind bars. Despite presenting himself as a "constitutional lawyer," Martin is not licensed to practice law anywhere in the United States.

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