Klayman: Largely Fiction: Establishment Trump Judges Stabbed Trump in the Back During Election Challenges!
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CBS News
March 27, 2021
Washington — Former President Trump's reshaping of the federal judiciary is likely to be a legacy felt for years to come, with a total of 242 judges appointed to the courts, as well as three justices to the Supreme Court.

But that impact could be felt even more acutely now that Mr. Trump has left Washington for Florida, as President Biden moves to rapidly implement items from his agenda with executive action in order to bypass the partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill.

"There certainly is the potential for collisions between the Biden administration and Trump's judges, depending on the issue and depending on the venue," Kenneth Manning, a professor at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth who examined the ideological direction of judges appointed by Mr. Trump, told CBS News. "The tendency is to oversimplify the judicial decision-making to some extent, as if it's all partisan. Of course it isn't, but some issues tend to lend themselves to more partisan and ideological decision-making than others."

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