Help Me Take Down Amazon, Google and Apple!
Interfered with Freedom Watch Parler Account!
Fellow Patriot:

Parler has been crippled. They were a small company to begin with, and when Amazon, Google, and Facebook worked together to shut them down, they knew that Parler wouldn't have enough money to put up a legal fight against such large corporations - they were counting on it.

They didn't just silence President Trump, they silenced millions of American voices for the crime of being a conservative. They are coming after you next, and I am the only thing stopping them.

My name is Larry Klayman, and I have sued Amazon, Google, and Facebook in court to make them pay for shutting Parler down, and I need to know that you are standing with me as I fight for your First Amendment Rights.

Freedom Watch is a non-profit public interest law firm, and we are dependent on your generosity to succeed in our efforts against Amazon. A contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Mike Lindell, the President of My Pillow, was recently banned from Twitter for the crime of fighting for the integrity of our election system.

The fight for free speech in America is heating up, and I am on the frontlines.

I am also representing Laura Loomer at the Supreme Court in our effort to expose how far Big Tech is willing to go to silence her and YOU. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple - all of them are about to pay for censoring conservative voices while simultaneously allowing hate groups and terrorists to recruit and radicalize members on their platforms.

These companies seem to have forgotten - We live in America where people are free to express themselves, unless you're Laura Loomer, President Trump, Mike Lindell, or anyone who disagrees with AOC and Nancy Pelosi.

Will you help me take on censorship and hold the Big Tech czars accountable for their blatant discrimination against conservative voices? Donate Today!

If we allow these Silicon Valley liberals to censor us now, every thought you have will be subject to the review of some Marxist who applauds Antifa but thinks your ideas are too dangerous to be seen by anyone.

Not in my America. I am standing up and resisting. I need every true patriot to stand with me. Your donation of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, even just $25 will go a long way towards protecting our freedom.

I've taken on the Clintons, Obamas, Eric Holder, and the Deep State, Silicon Valley and their army of lawyers doesn't intimidate me, but for us to succeed, I need to know you support Freedom Watch in this fight for our First Amendment Rights.

God Bless America,

Larry Klayman, Esq.
Chairman and General Counsel
Freedom Watch, Inc.

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