Turn January 6, 2021 Into July 4, 1776!
Patriots Should Surround White House and Demand New Vote!
By Larry Klayman
December 30, 2020
It's now nearly the New Year 2021, and 245 years after our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, our nation finds itself at a cross-roads. If the American people do not rise up and demand free, fair and honest elections to choose the next 46th president of the United States, a very reasonable and benign demand short of a violent revolution, then the rabid radical runaway ultra leftists who have infiltrated the Democratic Party with literally their Manchurian presidential candidate, the braindead criminal Joe Biden, will take total control of our lives and destiny, resulting in a Bolshevik-style takeover of our once free and great republic.

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