It Takes a Revolution! Not an Election!
Neither Trump Nor Biden Are Political Messiahs
By Larry Klayman
August 21, 2020
As the republic, founded 244 years ago by enlightened Founding Fathers, heads into presidential election this November, there is more than a tendency for the citizenry to drink the Kool Aid of our politicians and political pundits that one's choice of who to vote for will solve the dire ills of the nation. For sure, the United States is in a crisis, the internal proportions of which have never before been experienced, from the on-going and apparently never ending Covid-19 pandemic, to the deadly violence of radical blacks, and radical leftists of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexes and creeds, particularly in major cities.

Then there are the continuing threats from foreign adversaries, the likes of which consist of the Communist China, Russia, the Islamic Republic of Iran and North Korea, to name just a few of our foes who at some point will most likely seek to exploit the current sad state of affairs. There is also the real risk of an accidental nuclear explosion, if not terrorist attacks from those who see our nation on its knees and highly vulnerable.

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