A Roger Stone Pardon Would Endanger Trump's Reelection
Larry Klayman says if president values honesty, such clemency isn't warranted
By Larry Klayman
April 24, 2020
There is more than a tendency, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to blame those politicians in power for the continuing crisis, which has harmed our health, shut down our economy and thrust us into a likely deep recession if not depression. While I support President Donald J. Trump, the hard fact is that We the People are growing restless over his lack of coherence in taking a strong stand against the tyrannical rule of governors who have implemented a soft police state with their threats of arrest if the populace doesn't remain "imprisoned" at home.

Couple this with The Donald's ever shifting message about the dangers of COVID-19, the inability of the government to get financial relief to victims quickly enough and the Trump Justice Department's lack of action in holding the Communist Chinese accountable for the sever damage they have inflicted with the release of the virus from a Wuhan laboratory — and the reelection of the 45th president this fall is sadly in doubt.

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