$2 Trillion in Welfare + Dictatorial Orders = Socialist Gulag
Larry Klayman on coronavirus actions: 'Karl Marx is laughing in his grave'
By Larry Klayman
March 27, 2020
We now know that the coronavirus-caused COVID-19 is here to stay; it is forecast to be recurring at least every flu season, hopefully in a lesser degree. Just ask the National Institutes of Health's Dr. Anthony Fauci and a number of other medical experts. For this simple reason, the $2 trillion bailout just approved by the establishment politicians of both political parties is just the beginning of the permanent socialization and indeed borderline communization of the nation.

We know from past experience that with all of the taxes taken from the American people to support government handouts, once we offer freebees to the masses, they will never want to or practically speaking be taken off the dole, much likes pigs at the trough. Few if any politicians would ever dare to suggest this, for fear that he or she would not be reelected.

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