Unjust Legal System Extends Way Beyond Trump
Larry Klayman explains how 'little guy' is disadvantaged by establishment
By Larry Klayman
October 11, 2019
Last Tuesday, an arbitrator for the arbitration service JAMS — which large entertainment companies like to insert into their agreements with talent as arbitration services are inclined to protect large vested interests — almost one year after a federal court referred the case to JAMS, issued an allegedly dishonest or grossly negligent decision dismissing the claims filed by Jackie Beard Robinson, a fashionista who had joint ventured with the star of "Housewives of New Jersey" Melissa Gorga. Mrs. Robinson is my client.

After the joint venture came to an unfortunate end, Gorga and Andy Cohen of NBC and Bravo, acting jointly, defamed Mrs. Robinson, falsely publishing that she had stolen merchandise from the women's clothing store they both had operated. This charge of committing a crime constitutes defamation per se, for which malice need not be proven even by a public figure.

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