The Trayvon Martin Hoax Comes Crashing Down
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American Greatness
September 14, 2019
Remember Skittles and iced-tea?

In the aftermath of Trayvon Martin's fatal confrontation with George Zimmerman, the media went to great pains to characterize the teenager as an innocent kid who was shot for wearing a hoodie while black. After all, this depiction fit their narrative—their narrative of a country filled with racist rednecks just waiting for a chance to shoot innocent and unarmed black teenagers.

Four years had passed since the country had elected its first black president. With an election coming up, the media no doubt was worried that President Obama's novelty had worn off. Candidate Obama had portrayed himself as a transformational figure who would heal the country's deep racial wounds. By 2012, it was obvious that he was keeping the status quo.

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