It Takes a Revolution (Not a Village!)
Larry Klayman wants people to enlist in a 'citizens' militia
By Larry Klayman
September 1, 2019
The last week in particular underscores exactly what I have been saying for many years! The latest outrage by our so-called Department of Justice (DOJ) — which, do not be fooled, is compromised to the core by the Deep State — is to again let former FBI Director James Comey go into the sunset scot free. Instead of recommending that he be indicted for releasing classified information into the public domain — as part of his slimy and successful scheme to trigger a special counsel investigation of falsely alleged Russian collusion by President Donald Trump — the report of the Obama-appointed inspector general, Michael Horowitz (whose real specialty is cleverly burying or whitewashing scandals) is that Comey simply violated internal DOJ policies.

This comes on top of a prior decision, or shall we call it a "dive," by attorney general Bill Barr — who contrary to the spin of Fox News — is no legal messiah, but rather another establishment Republican tool when it comes to actually meting out justice for the criminals behind the attempted coup of the president.

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