No. 1 Suspect in Epstein's Death: The Clintons
Larry Klayman states, 'they likely had a Mafia hit man do it for them'
By Larry Klayman
August 16, 2019
Sure the Clintons did not themselves go into the prison and kill Epstein, a criminal and witness who could have finally put the Clintons away for life. Instead, they likely had a Mafia hit man do it for them, as it is widely known that the Clintons do have ties to the Mafia. Some of their highest confidants and political advisers have known Mafia ties. This is no secret! I deposed some of them during the Clinton years.

Epstein himself probably was Mafia. To this day, it is not known how Epstein acquired his fortune, such that he had private jets, a fantasy island, large mansions and other massive wealth. The Mafia was thus the likely vehicle, and it did not want Epstein to talk and provide evidence against their dons and other leaders. Thus, it would take little for the Clintons to have their Mafia friends eliminate Epstein, before he entered into a cooperation agreement with his prosecutors.

Sound farfetched? Of course not, fellow patriots! And do not count on our so-called Justice Department to hold the guilty accountable!

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