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The Daily Beast
May 28, 2019
One evening last week, Neil W. McCabe, a Breitbart veteran who now works as a weekend White House correspondent at One America News Network (OAN), found himself in the lobby bar area of Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The hotel is a top hangout for Donald Trump's fans, administration officials, campaign brass, Republican staffers, and the like. And as he mingled in the lobby, McCabe started talking to one of those denizens: Meredith Hope, an avowed Trump supporter and designer who runs a jewelry and accessories business in the Palm Beach and D.C. markets.

Hope, a "Trumpette," showed McCabe one of the MAGA 2020 scarves she had designed, prompting him to praise her product and hand her his business card.

"Hey, OAN!" she said, after peeking at the card. "The president told me to watch One America News."

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