Klayman: Fox News' Napolitano Conspires to Take Down Trump Presidency!
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Real Clear Politics
May 7, 2019
Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano told host Neil Cavuto that special counsel Robert Mueller can resign from the Department of Justice if the president tries to stop him from testifying about his final report. Napolitano says it might come to that because the Mueller report says that the president committed obstruction of justice, which "has been found by either the Congress or the House Judiciary Committee consistently to be a lawful constitutional basis for impeachment."

"Asking people who work for you to lie to federal investigators, which is what Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were accused of doing, has traditionally been characters as a species of 'high crimes and misdemeanors'" he said.

"The president says that didn't happen," he explained. "Bob Mueller says it did [and] it would be a basis for the House Judiciary Committee to begin investigations if they want."

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