Roy Moore Towers Over Judge in Sasha Baron Cohen Case
Larry Klayman reports on his action against controversial comedian, Showtime
Larry Klayman
May 2, 2019
Last Monday, on behalf of my friend and client Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama, I appeared in front of the former chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia who is now on senior status, the Honorable Thomas J. Hogan (courtroom illustration above). The reason? I had filed a complaint against the low-class comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, Showtime and its parent company, CBS, over their having maliciously defamed Judge Moore by falsely portraying him as a pedophile.

On the show "Who is America?" Cohen, appearing in disguise as a former Mossad agent, Erran Morad, waived a wand over Judge Moore, explaining that the Israeli Defense Forces had developed a device that can detect pedophiles if it beeped. Predictably, Cohen set the device off, thus branding Judge Moore as a pedophile on national and international television. Needless to say, Judge Moore is not a pedophile, and ongoing litigation in Montgomery, Alabama is also proving that the women who falsely accused him of sexual harassment during his 2016 Senate campaign are certified liars, most likely paid off by hostile forces of both establishment political parties. This, of course, cost Judge Moore the election.

But how did it come to pass that the judge was lured into this trap by this degenerate clown of a comic? The answer? Cohen, through a fraudulently created Israeli broadcasting company, Yerushlayim TV, at the phony "invitation" of the state of Israel, offered Judge Moore an award for his steadfast support of the Jewish nation, the home of Moses, King David and of course Jesus.

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