Corsi and I Will Hold Mueller Accountable!
Larry Klayman says, 'Forget Justice Department – it's part of the problem'
By Larry Klayman
April 19, 2019
I was driving to the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport last Friday on my way back from the Bundy Ranch, where I had been visiting with my client Cliven Bundy and his family — not only to plot future legal strategy, but also to take another tour of his magnificent homestead on about 400,000 scenic acres in and around Lake Mead.

I turned on the car radio and tuned in to Fox News' "Brian Kilmeade Show," where the host was analyzing the aftermath of the release of the Mueller report. Brian, a decent soul even if he works for a network that has gone off the rails as it strains to move left with the likes of anti-Trumpers Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith, played a one minute clip called the "Hannity Minute." In this promotion for Hannity's nightly show, Sean boasted now that the Mueller report has cleared President Trump of Russia collusion (if not obstruction of justice), there will soon to be "hell to pay" for special counsel Robert Mueller and his conflicted pro-Democrat/Clinton prosecutorial staff, as well as their collaborators at the FBI and Justice Department.

Unfortunately, if past is prologue — and it nearly always is, particularly for people like me who have been fighting government corruption ever since I founded Judicial Watch 25 years ago and later Freedom Watch 14 years ago — this simply will not happen. Not, that is, if justice is expected to be meted out by our compromised Deep State DOJ, of which I was once a proud prosecutor in its Antitrust Division during the Reagan administration.

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