Only 1 Way for Republicans to Stop Dem 'Witch Hunts'
Larry Klayman blasts those who refuse to do their jobs
By Larry Klayman
March 11, 2019
It's more than high time to face facts about our so-called Department of Justice, now under the less-than-nominal control of its chief law-enforcement officer, President Donald J. Trump, and the two-faced do-nothing frightened Republicans in Congress. No matter how much false promotional hype you hear on Fox News to boost prime time ratings, or the futile pleas of my former colleagues and "document mavens" at Judicial Watch, do not expect any of them to redress the rampant corruption and sedition of the James Comeys, Rod Rosentsteins, Andrew McCabes, Bruce Ohrs, Peter Strzuks or Lisa Pages, who continue to infest the "Capital of Corruption."

First, there is what I have come to call the "Department of Injustice." Having moved former Attorney General Jeff Sessions aside and replaced him with "over the Capitol Hill" establishment Republican William Barr, do not expect anything in terms of real justice coming out of my once-proud alma mater. It has become more than a bad joke. Instead the Department, infused with 97 percent of its lawyers who are rabid Democrats and pro-Clinton/Obama loyalists, has simply become a "protection racket" for political criminals of the left.

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